Holiday USA 2016
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Day 1: Chicago, Mission "free Hollie" Day 1   (Sunday 31st July 2016)
Day 2: A visit with our Amish friends.   (Monday 1st August 2016)
Day 3: Mission Hollie Complete !   (Tuesday 2nd August 2016)
Day 4: Today was mostly about churches (by Hollie).   (Wednesday 3rd August 2016)
Day 5: Lake Itasca to Lake Superior.   (Thursday 4th August 2016)
Day 6: Feeling Superior   (Friday 5th August 2016)
Day 7: Sleeping Bear Dunes & 100 yrs of Coast Guard Aviation.   (Saturday 6th August 2016)
Day 8: Meet me in St Louis   (Sunday 7th August 2016)
Day 9: Six Flags (Part 1)   (Monday 8th August 2016)
Tuesday 9th August 2016

Six Flags (Part 2 )

We set ourselves up in a shady area for our day in " Hurricane Harbour " Six Flags.

We started early & managed to do the best rides before the queues became ridiculous.

This bizzarre looking contraption involved us, climbing aboard an up to 4 person inflatable and being pushed off into the thinner tube, once you had spun around like you were in a washing machine, the tube widened out into the gramophone trumpet for a massive swing up the sides ( Min thought she would be flipped out into thin air )..I loved it , no one else was up for a 2nd try : (

This beautiful woman was posing next to the wave pool, every few minutes a claxon would sound & an aritficial wave machine made the pool rough.

Ian was the only brave soul to try this..Stand in a tube & the bottom falls away..He says he's not planning to do that again anytime soon !

Sadly Min got eaten by a shark on the way to the car .

Dinner was at Indian Palace, Chesterfiled , a 20 minute drive from our hotel.

New indian Beer experience..Very nice thank you.

It's1 full week since I got my baby back ..Normal service has been resumed.

Love to you all at home , furry & human . ESPECIALLY to Mum who has mastered messenger ..Get in !!!

Goodnight reader xxxxxxxx

(Listen to us at the Oprey. Click here )

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Day 11: Grand Ole Opry , best seats in the house !   (Wednesday 10th August 2016)
Day 12: Nashville   (Thursday 11th August 2016)
Day 13: The lost sea to Davy Crockett.   (Friday 12th August 2016)
Day 14: Ocoee wild water   (Saturday 13th August 2016)
Day 15: Hen pecked in Georgia on the way to Albama   (Sunday 14th August 2016)
Day 16: Some bald old rocks & another lake.   (Monday 15th August 2016)
Day 17: Panama city beach   (Tuesday 16th August 2016)
Day 18: Dolphin encounter.   (Wednesday 17th August 2016)
Day 19: New Orleans here we come !   (Thursday 18th August 2016)
Day 20: Oak Alley Plantation & The Natchez.   (Friday 19th August 2016)
Day 21: Airboats & baby alligators   (Saturday 20th August 2016)
Day 22: New Orleans & Ghostly happenings...   (Sunday 21st August 2016)
Day 23: Race to the space shuttle.   (Monday 22nd August 2016)
Day 24: A fond farewell from Houston   (Tuesday 23rd August 2016)