Holiday USA 2016
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Day 1: Chicago, Mission "free Hollie" Day 1   (Sunday 31st July 2016)
Day 2: A visit with our Amish friends.   (Monday 1st August 2016)
Day 3: Mission Hollie Complete !   (Tuesday 2nd August 2016)
Day 4: Today was mostly about churches (by Hollie).   (Wednesday 3rd August 2016)
Day 5: Lake Itasca to Lake Superior.   (Thursday 4th August 2016)
Day 6: Feeling Superior   (Friday 5th August 2016)
Day 7: Sleeping Bear Dunes & 100 yrs of Coast Guard Aviation.   (Saturday 6th August 2016)
Day 8: Meet me in St Louis   (Sunday 7th August 2016)
Day 9: Six Flags (Part 1)   (Monday 8th August 2016)
Day 10: Six Flags (Part 2 )   (Tuesday 9th August 2016)
Day 11: Grand Ole Opry , best seats in the house !   (Wednesday 10th August 2016)
Day 12: Nashville   (Thursday 11th August 2016)
Day 13: The lost sea to Davy Crockett.   (Friday 12th August 2016)
Saturday 13th August 2016

Ocoee wild water

Good morning world, Ian's journey from his room at 05.45 this morning.

We met at Cherokee Rafting & after a safety briefing from Lance , the expedition leader ( touch of the Oliver Reeds) we set off on a 40 minute bus ride to our put in point.

The Ocoee is split into several sections , today we will be travelling the upper & middle sections.

The weather began overcast , but blossomed into full sun by noon.

We were in a group with another couple " Lyle & Carly " who had rafted this river several times before

Our guide gave the impression that this river was going to be a serious challenge. The water is dam controlled & therefore fairly constant..Unlike most rivers which suffer from high & low water. The rapids offered plenty of face fulls of water, but at no point did we feel we were in serious danger of taking a tumble, unlike Carly who fell in twice & Lyle who tumbled out trying to save her one time.

We were lucky enough to be with Lance , the elder statesman of the company , having joined initially part time, in 1985 when he was a senior at college.
Lances unorthodox approach gave us much amusement , he was a great fan of hitting large boulders head on & ricocheting the raft into the flow, this resulted in us being in the right place on the river with far less rowing.
Carly & Lyle at the front got to see a lot of rocks in close up !

The middle section boasts the "Olympic course " built for the 1996 Summer games. Intended to put Canoes & Kayaks through their paces, the section is a favourite with the rafting companies.
Here was also the place we stopped for an early lunch , plenty of time to watch the other companies negotiate the rapids.

Time for a relaxing dip and float in the cool waters.

Errr hang on a minute ..Where is the guide ?
Lance decided to take a dip himself & leave me in charge of the raft !!!

The water babies enjoyed their float.

Back on terra firma , its time for a trip to the gift shop & back to our cabin for some dry clothes.

Ian & Hollie make fire, this is a highly scientific process..Not just any idiot can do it !

Success !!
I prepared some food to burn on our BBQ, burgers & sausages tonight.

Dr Doolittle feeds the camp chickens with some left over bun.

Well folks a fab day , we are exhausted.

So goodnight one and all with much love xxxxx

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