Holiday USA 2016
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Day 1: Chicago, Mission "free Hollie" Day 1   (Sunday 31st July 2016)
Day 2: A visit with our Amish friends.   (Monday 1st August 2016)
Day 3: Mission Hollie Complete !   (Tuesday 2nd August 2016)
Day 4: Today was mostly about churches (by Hollie).   (Wednesday 3rd August 2016)
Day 5: Lake Itasca to Lake Superior.   (Thursday 4th August 2016)
Day 6: Feeling Superior   (Friday 5th August 2016)
Day 7: Sleeping Bear Dunes & 100 yrs of Coast Guard Aviation.   (Saturday 6th August 2016)
Day 8: Meet me in St Louis   (Sunday 7th August 2016)
Day 9: Six Flags (Part 1)   (Monday 8th August 2016)
Day 10: Six Flags (Part 2 )   (Tuesday 9th August 2016)
Day 11: Grand Ole Opry , best seats in the house !   (Wednesday 10th August 2016)
Day 12: Nashville   (Thursday 11th August 2016)
Day 13: The lost sea to Davy Crockett.   (Friday 12th August 2016)
Day 14: Ocoee wild water   (Saturday 13th August 2016)
Day 15: Hen pecked in Georgia on the way to Albama   (Sunday 14th August 2016)
Day 16: Some bald old rocks & another lake.   (Monday 15th August 2016)
Day 17: Panama city beach   (Tuesday 16th August 2016)
Day 18: Dolphin encounter.   (Wednesday 17th August 2016)
Day 19: New Orleans here we come !   (Thursday 18th August 2016)
Friday 19th August 2016

Oak Alley Plantation & The Natchez.

We drove out an hour or so to an area rich with history, the plantations of southern Louisianna.

Oak Alley Plantation a beautifully restored 19th century house , built in the Greek revival style.

The house was built by Jacques Roman & his wife Selina. The structure is built with mud bricks formed from the mud of the nearby Mississipi & baked onsite. The House took 2 yrs to build, all of the labour performed by the landowners slaves. ( Note Mr Yellow tee shirt far left. )

The dining room with its massive fan , a young slave would operate the fan whilst the diners ate. Some of the Roman families original china is displayed here.

The bedroom recreating a scene where there might have been a death, mirror covered with black gauze , so that the departing soul doesn't get stuck on this side.

The green ribbons denote Items from the original house , not reproductions.
Our guide told us many tales of the house & its occupants, including a time around 1900 when the abandoned house was invaded by cows , seeking shelter, they occupied the ground floor for 12 yrs!

In 1923 Andrew Stuart & his wife bought the house for nearly $50,000, they invested another $60,000 & lived in it for 40 + yrs..they are buried onsite, with their dogs Diane & Sandy & their cat Batman.

Oak Alley takes its name from the rows of Virginia Live oaks that flank the pathway, 28 in total.

The plantation supported the rich families & a total of at least 200 slaves over the years.

The massive cast iron dishes were used for Laundry , or when the sugar cane was harvested , as boiling pots to extract the sugar from the cane.
We watched an interesting video on modern sugar production.

These replica slave quarters , helped depict the appalling conditions the slaves lived under, how they suplimented their rations by keeping animals and planting small areas of crops.
Finally legislation & the chaos of civil war bringing an end to slavery, in turn forcing the plantations to fall into debt as they lost their free workforce.

A pub type lunch on site, as the heavens opened.

Just time for a change of clothes, we walked to the Natchez , just a few blocks away.

Our buffet style dinner , once again enjoyed to the sounds of  "The Dixie Dukes ".

The weather stayed dry for our 7 mile voyage , dispite a few rumbles of thunder.
( Is that a yellow tee shirt beside Ian ?)

Beautiful girlie & a beautiful pink sunset.

Before long we were headed back to the dock, having listened to stories & facts about the ship & the river, as well as the Jazz.

(Yep, Mr yellow tee shirt & his party were indeed next to us for most of the voyage, we might have attempted to chat , but it soon became obvious they were french !)

We headed back via the brightly lit gift shops, Hollie wanted to sit outside & read but its really humid & damp , meaning all the bugs are out tonight : (

Well goodnight dear reader...Until tomorrow xxxx

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Day 21: Airboats & baby alligators   (Saturday 20th August 2016)
Day 22: New Orleans & Ghostly happenings...   (Sunday 21st August 2016)
Day 23: Race to the space shuttle.   (Monday 22nd August 2016)
Day 24: A fond farewell from Houston   (Tuesday 23rd August 2016)