Chirk 2017
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Day 1: Back to Chirk..   (Tuesday 25th April 2017)
Day 2: Our first day on the "Frances"   (Wednesday 26th April 2017)
Thursday 27th April 2017

Tell me about Ellsmere..Great Chinese!

We had a relaxing start after a bitterly cold night -1 degrees on our narrow boat, mum & I shivered while Ian snored with his Marmite hot water bottle.
We cruised back across the aquaduct.

Mum came out to enjoy the aquaduct with wet hair, I insisted she put her hood up, she looked like she was auditioning for a part in " The Hobbit ".

Some info regarding the famous bridge.

Our turn to lift the bridge on our return journey.

The wind up road bridge & the mini hired van we gave a lift to.

We were promised rain today & the weather didn't disappoint, occasional showers followed us most of the day.

I'm not sure where I was when this was taken???

After we arrived in Ellesmere, Mum & Marmite went to get some Chinese food.

Marmite scanned the menu & picked a delightful selection for us to enjoy.

Ian & Marmite carry home their purchases.. No nibbling en route?

What a lot we got !

Full tummies & the left overs in the outside bin.
Tired out & ready for bed.

Goodnight readers xx
( Is there anybody there?)

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Day 4: A slow boozy cruise to Chirk.   (Friday 28th April 2017)
Day 5: The slow walk home   (Saturday 29th April 2017)