Narrow boating in North Wales - 2016
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Tuesday 19th April 2016

Journey to Willington Lodge & Chirk Castle.

The day started when all in the veck household we're rudely awoken by the shrill sound piercing throught the house... "where's the f***ing sweetener?!". Once recovered we packed the car set off! (picking up a nanny and dropping off a dog on the way. After a few hours in the car we got to the red lion, car park seen above, and waited another few hours to not get some chips.

After a nice lunch we continued on our way.

Chirk Castle & grounds dazzled us with fabulous spring sunshine.

Mum & Son , in the sun xx

Lambing season in North Wales .

The Kitchen Gardens filled with new planting & a Carpet of Daffodils.

The Castle ceilings are an intricate marvel.

We met this poor soul in the dungeons .

Joshua getting his punishment for being an anoying twat, Hollie has lost a leg whilst doing lots of walking today.

My favourite couple in the castle entrance.

The gardens were a marvel in the late afternoon sunshine, we stayed until the very last moment.

Hollie & Josh's lovely room with spiral staircase .

Willington Lodge remains our favourite B&B x

Dinner at The Blue Water Restaurant in Whitchurch , a yummy selection of freshly cooked food .
Marmite is enjoying an evening of pampering at The Willington Lodge with Richard & Pam ..

Goodnight kind reader xxx

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