Narrow boating in North Wales - 2016
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Day 1: Journey to Willington Lodge & Chirk Castle.   (Tuesday 19th April 2016)
Wednesday 20th April 2016

Chirk to Llangollen (apparently that says lan-gof-lynn) to cat-weasel corner!

We had breakfast. It was nice. Nanny had sausages. Then we drove to the boat. Saw some sheep.

Boat was very long.

We loaded the boat (and marmite). A man gave us a briefing on how to drive the boat; it was boring. Started boat, and left harbour. Josh crashed.

Camera man (Ian) drove the boat a bit better... he still crashed a bit though.

We drove across a big river-crossing-in-the-sky-even-though-we're-on-water-thingy (pontcysyllte aquaduct for those who don't speak josh). It was very high! Marmite told me it bacame a world heritage site in 2005 and is a grade 1 listed building and is 126ft high.

We arrrived at Llangollen after a leisurely 4 hour cruise. The sky was the colour of azure and the water sparkled like diamonds. Marmite was lounging at the front of the long vessel, Basking in the early summer sky. He pondered on life's great mysteries. Meanwhile we all went out for ice cream.

Here we see a rare example of the lesser spotted nanny. Normally this shy mammal will shrink away from photography, unless lured into the sun's blaze by a trough of port and lemonade.

After an arduous phone call where bear expertly found the pub listed in our boat's manual, called the Telford inn did actually exist; we found out it was located near an old nemesis... CAT-WEASEL CORNER! (see narrowboating 2015 for backstory). Food was good but the wine in the boat is cheaper.

Goodnight fellow river dwellers!

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Day 3: Coming into port   (Thursday 21st April 2016)
Day 4: Return to Chirk.   (Friday 22nd April 2016)
Day 5: The long ride home   (Saturday 23rd April 2016)