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Narrow boating in North Wales

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Day 1 :The Journey & Chirk Castle    (Tuesday 4th August 2015 )
Day 2 : West to Llangollen

Wednesday 5th August 2015

After a hearty breakfast we set off for Chirk marina.

Arriving early we await our Narrow boat . The Lily is our home for the next 3 nights.

Our guide Andy showed  Ian & I the ropes..

Ian proved to be a very competent Captain. We missed our turn off to Llangollen due to a Marmite escape attenpt & ended up at a dead end , Ian completed a turn around in limited space magnificently ! We had a run in wih a" River Local" who bears a striking resemblence to catweasel, he should have known better than to try to be irrate with ships cook Debbi, he now knows that sarcasm is a form of with which I am somewhat expert.

With his 1st mate Hollie x

Our next stop the amazing grade 1 listed victorian aquaduct.

126 ft above the ground a scarey prospect . A toe path to one side, a 4 inch wide beam the otherside. gulp !

Llangollen basin provides a safe haven for the night , with a hefty 6 pricetag for mooring/

Dinner @ The Benson Hotel with a few beers finished the day.

A damp uphill stroll to our mooring & its goodnight campers, hope the waters remain calm xx

Day 3 :Our first lock!    (Thursday 6th August 2015 )
Day 4 :Last day on the canal : (    (Friday 7th August 2015 )

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