Italy 2017
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Day 1: No fly zone   (Saturday 22nd July 2017)
Day 2: To the old Trout   (Sunday 23rd July 2017)
Day 3: From a chateau Chillon to the Matterhorn.   (Monday 24th July 2017)
Day 4: Around the Horn!   (Tuesday 25th July 2017)
Day 5: Zermatt goodbyes & to Venice for a bit.   (Wednesday 26th July 2017)
Day 6: Bridge of Sighs.   (Thursday 27th July 2017)
Day 7: Our wedding anniversary and the beach we nearly went to.   (Friday 28th July 2017)
Day 8: We woke up in Stiffe!   (Saturday 29th July 2017)
Day 9: Rende to Francavilla di Sicilia and a room change   (Sunday 30th July 2017)
Monday 31st July 2017

Day 2 in Francavilla Mount Etna here we come

Ians very favorite activity, muscling through a crowd to buy tickets once we had travelled the 1 hour and a half to Mount Etna.

A tranquil cable car ride to the half way point, accompanied by some thankfully silent french folk.

Now a swap to a bus to take us to the furthest point.

The North and south Craters of mount Etna our destination, the noth crater.

Ian is standing on the lava flow which was made this very April, when the north crater erupted.

Here is our guide, who explained recent eruptions have destroyed the cable car system more than once & the parking area.

The entire area is the Mount Etna volcano, all of the small craters featured here are equally active & have been responsible for the 1991, 2001 & 2002 eruptions.

You can clearly see the path of the lava flow. Ian & I named this volcano the Dalek Volcano...Our guide informed us thet if it were to erupt today, we would have plenty of time to take some photos before leaving.. Means all you would need is the ability to walk at a brisk pace to avoid the Daleks or in this case lava flow.

However you would likely be brained by the flying rocks.

The Volcano erupted in the 1600's and engulfed a nearby village, no lives were lost even then!

Our trip back down allows us to wonder at the sheer power of this mighty planet & its awesome underground restlessness.

Maureen decided we should go home via the scenic route, this fella threatened to drop a  boulder on us !

Back at our hotel, a beer & a swim in the rooftop pool. Dinner in our Hotel again as we are slightly knackered.

Just a moment out to mention the wonderful Edie Gale, who will be fondly remembered. Thank you Hollie for attending the funeral in our stead.

Love to you all..See you on the dark side...xx

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Day 11: Busy doing nothing!    (Tuesday 1st August 2017)
Day 12: Back to the mainland.   (Wednesday 2nd August 2017)
Day 13: Up Pompeii.   (Thursday 3rd August 2017)
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Day 22: Ian leans in Pisa.   (Saturday 12th August 2017)
Day 23: Sunny Sunday.   (Sunday 13th August 2017)
Day 24: Goodbye Italy, It's been one hell of a ride.   (Monday 14th August 2017)
Day 25: Long day driving...Hello Callais   (Tuesday 15th August 2017)
Day 26: The final stretch   (Wednesday 16th August 2017)