Italy 2017
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Day 1: No fly zone   (Saturday 22nd July 2017)
Day 2: To the old Trout   (Sunday 23rd July 2017)
Monday 24th July 2017

From a chateau Chillon to the Matterhorn.

Goodbye old trout. The Landlady and I shook hands warmly after I handed back the key, a tear in our eye, neither of us having a clue as to whether I was thanking her warmly or registering a formal complaint.

Ian loved these semi tunnels, taking him back to nintendo games.

Patches of blue sky did their best to break through, but the driving rain was having none of it.

Chateau Chillon, a castle built during medieval times now fills a granite island a few yards from the prom.

Ian plans to patent this Medieval mouse trap directly we get home, it will be extensively tested on 2 shelties with bonio's.

It is alleged Lord Byron etched his name on this pillar in the dungeon.....Hmmm

We made use of the audio tour, we learned of the Dukes of Savoy & and the Bernaise conquerors of this well appointed stronghold.

The gloomy weather gave us atomospheric views across Switzerlands largest lake, Lake Geneva.

Many examples of Medieval chests & later examples were on display.

The first coat of arms to adorn the walls contains images of 2 bears.

The weather improved as Ian scaled the 76 narrow steps to the keep.

The views panoramic in every direction.

On to Tasch and the Mega car park, we boarded the shuttle & arrived in motorcar free Zermat.. Our Hotel The sunstar came highly recommended by Mr Trip advisor.
Not entirely sure where my luggage guy has got to?

Our funky room boasts an in room shower cubicle , at least the loo has its own room !

And as ordered our Matterhorn view..Wow!
We chilled on our compact balcony with a complimentary beer.. We could get used to this.

As recommended by our hotel receptionist The Walliser Vaunne Restaurant, proved to be an oasis, a very expensive oasis.
The chefs salad which Ian & I shared as a starter, boasted an enormous  prawn, muscles, olives, Mozzarella, parma ham, smoked salmon, watermelon, bread, pickles and every conceivable salad item.
I was defeated by my Pork cordonbleau, Ian however gallantly finished his Irish beefsteak, french fries and veg , just so he didn't offend chef.

Home to our Matterhorn view, might just try another complimentary beverage.

Goodnight reader xxx

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