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Holiday Australia 2015

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Day 2 :A day and another day of travel    (Thursday 22nd October 2015 )
Day 3 :Daylight at last, but not for long ..    (Friday 23rd October 2015 )
Day 4 :Ferry to Kangaroo Island..    (Saturday 24th October 2015 )
Day 5 :The littlest lighthouse    (Sunday 25th October 2015 )
Day 6 :Today will be mostly driving...    (Monday 26th October 2015 )
Day 7 :Wilapena & the Sacred Canyon    (Tuesday 27th October 2015 )
Day 8 :Show me the way to Parachilna    (Wednesday 28th October 2015 )
Day 9 :The Arkaroola Ridge top tour..    (Thursday 29th October 2015 )
Day 10 :Leigh Creek to our bear cave !    (Friday 30th October 2015 )
Day 11 :Coober Pedy & the painted desert    (Saturday 31st October 2015 )
Day 12 :Sunday on the way to Mount Dare.    (Sunday 1st November 2015 )
Day 13 :A nail biting finish!    (Monday 2nd November 2015 )
Day 14 :A town called Alice to Kings Canyon.    (Tuesday 3rd November 2015 )
Day 15 :Ayers Rock    (Wednesday 4th November 2015 )
Day 16 :Not much happened...    (Thursday 5th November 2015 )
Day 17 :On the road again & off to the UFO capital of Australia...    (Friday 6th November 2015 )
Day 18 :Devils Marbles    (Saturday 7th November 2015 )
Day 19 : Goodbye Daly Waters.

Sunday 8th November 2015

Nice relaxing start to another 6 hr + drive, cooler weather after last nights squalls.

We passed acres & acres of these funky Termite hills , some snappily dressed ( my personal fave had a lampshade on the top !). others as naked as the day they were created, we passed a town with a dedicated termite mound museum !

Mary river roadhouse, for a handy Diesel fill up.

I wonder if the hire company might have something to say, when we return the old jallopy.

Cooinda Lodge , our home for the next 3 nights, boasts 2 pools , both of which contain bathwater hot water.
We were almost alone this afternoon in the bigger pool , only some local kids accompanied by a pair of Dads.

Meals are served in the sweltering outside bistro, Massive portions!

It will be a few days before we can publish , as we have no mobile signal or Wi Fi ..Poor Ian : (

Sending love to all of you , missing you all .

Sleep well one and all xxxxx

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Day 20 :Kakadu do do    (Monday 9th November 2015 )
Day 21 :Aligator river with no aligators.    (Tuesday 10th November 2015 )
Day 22 :Kakadu farewell    (Wednesday 11th November 2015 )
Day 23 :Shark bait mate !    (Thursday 12th November 2015 )
Day 24 :Black Friday, the end of the fantasy.    (Friday 13th November 2015 )

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