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Holiday Australia

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Day 1 :Up , up and away..hopefully    (Wednesday 22nd October 2014 )
Day 2 :The day that time forgot.    (Thursday 23rd October 2014 )
Day 3 :Lifes a Bondi Beach!    (Friday 24th October 2014 )
Day 4 :Tea with Auntie Dee.    (Saturday 25th October 2014 )
Day 5 :Katoomba to Morpeth via pie country.    (Sunday 26th October 2014 )
Day 6 :Skippies in the ( Lighthouse ) Garden..    (Monday 27th October 2014 )
Day 7 :A Carpet Python, Jellyfish , a Shark & Some Horse Flies.    (Tuesday 28th October 2014 )
Day 8 :Our day on the Waterfalls way.    (Wednesday 29th October 2014 )
Day 9 :Byron Bay Lighthouse & Dracula's    (Thursday 30th October 2014 )
Day 10 :Crikey & a warm welcome in Peregian Springs.    (Friday 31st October 2014 )
Day 11 :Whistle stop tour with Annette & Ken    (Saturday 1st November 2014 )
Day 12 :Surf Club fry up & a ferry to Fraser Island    (Sunday 2nd November 2014 )
Day 13 :Navigating Fraser Island's sophisticated motorway system.    (Monday 3rd November 2014 )
Day 14 :The long & winding road    (Tuesday 4th November 2014 )
Day 15 :Throw another shrimp on the bonfire , Guy Fawkes    (Wednesday 5th November 2014 )
Day 16 :Capella to Airlie Beach via the sugar cane fields.    (Thursday 6th November 2014 )
Day 17 :SV Domino day    (Friday 7th November 2014 )
Day 18 :Whitsundays & The Great Barrier Reef from the air    (Saturday 8th November 2014 )
Day 19 :Waterfall way day    (Sunday 9th November 2014 )
Day 20 :My Boomerang won't come back    (Monday 10th November 2014 )
Day 21 :Yorkies Knob & Tubing The Mulgrave River.    (Tuesday 11th November 2014 )
Day 22 :A surprise concert at Sydney Opera House    (Wednesday 12th November 2014 )
Day 23 : Jet boat & the revolving restaurant

Thursday 13th November 2014

After a lazy start we decided to walk over the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Part way across, Ian chose to climb one of the stantions,the 200 + steps held no allure to me, Ian caught some stunning views on camera.

He also learned lots of interesting historical facts, It took lots of steel to build the bridge & it took quite a long time .

Quite an impressive structure , & a bridge.

Adding to our list of views of the Opera house.

This high class establishment caught our eye , but sadly we couldn't afford the caviar & champagne prices!

Next stop Jet Boating !

A high octane whiz around the harbour, 30 minutes of sheer adrenaline!

The stunning Opera House from the water .

We both got mouthfulls of salty water,  we couln't stop laughing & grinning as our skilled skipper , performed stunts & soaked us!

The Bridge from below.

Back to our hotel, the pool proved to be a bit nippy , but the spa was perfect.

& Dinner at the Sydney Tower Buffet, we arrived early enough for a drink in the posh "360 " bar & it's panoramic daylight views.

Then up one more floor to the buffet dining area. The food was plentiful & varied..We weren't rushed & spent a good couple of hours enjoying the sparkling nightime vista.

A short walk back to our hotel & to bed for the last time on Aussie soil.

Goodnight reader xxx


"Wishing you a safe journey back to the UK. You've certainly covered a lot during your stay. Great to see you again.x" - Annette

"Thanx annete and once again we enjoyed our time with you xxx" - Deb

"Thanx annete and once again we enjoyed our time with you xxx" - Deb

"test2" - test

Day 24 :Bon voyage Sydney    (Friday 14th November 2014 )

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